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Saved! Screencaps

++Caps are big. There's 907 in total
++If the links expire, comment and I'll reupload them.
++Comments are really appreciated and should be made if you take
++Credit is always nice

Zip 1

Zip 2

Zip 3

Zip 4
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This makes me want to watch the movie again!
You are the best!!!!

Will dl when I get off work tonight!

It might take me some time to make icons, but I'll comment back here when I do.
have saved SAVED! :D

thank you! these are fabulous! :)
Ha! Wonderful! I love this movie...I might have to whip out some icons ;).
The most ridiculous part of the movie is Ha-eun’s work out. She gets her training from Su-hyeon, a geeky math teacher who opens a gym to settle his debts.
These are great, thank you! Downloading and saving to my memories so I can credit properly.
Thankyou sooo much =D but the third zip doesn't seem to work..
I'll try to reupload it as soon as I get a chance =)
Is there any chance that you can re-post these? I'm really craving to make Saved icons. You'd be my favorite.
=/ RE-POST THIS IF YOU ARE A BRITISH 90s KID AND CAN RELATE TO ANY OF THESE 1 Comment days ago   Stickerz Go to Stickerz From Tracy M View More Stickers   What Are You Exactly.
I took the first zip but the others didn't work :(

Thank you so much! These are fantastic!
Could you upload these again, pleeease? *begs*
could you please reupload the first link. i only need a shot of dean ice skating. unless you wouldn't mind just posting that one pic for me. the one where he strikes his final pose.