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I Let Myself Go & Put It In A Letter To You

Edit: Moving download link to another post, so I can make this a public entry. =)

All caps were taken by me, so credit mandipanda if you decide to snag and use any. I have a bunch of Alec caps made for icons I plan on making, so if you're interested in them let me know and I'll zip them together for you. I'm posting a bunch of pics from the first few episodes for now. I'll have to do the same with the remaining ones I have. No commentary cause would you really rather listen to me or just drool or the pics? =)

Seriously, if I didn't know how Alec made his money I would really think that he was some type of man whore. I mean come on, he flaunts his money around a lot and he is a pretty boy.

Tags: alec, jensen, picspam
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